Member Responsibilities

What are the requirements for co-op membership?

  • Pay membership fee of $15
  • Volunteer at the co-op at least two hours every three months
  • Shop at the co-op at least once a month

Why do I have to work at the co-op two hours every three months? What kinds of things will I be doing?

We keep down operating costs by contributing our time to help with routine co-op tasks. Pitching in is also enjoyable and is a great way to get to know our co-op “neighbors.”

We mostly need help on Thursday afternoons when the produce arrives and needs to be sorted into individual orders. Other typical chores include things like slicing cheese or bagging nuts and dried fruits. We have some opportunities for behind-the-scenes help — for example, helping to maintain the online ordering system or helping to keep our website up-to-date.

We understand that not everyone can volunteer two hours on a weekday afternoon. If that’s the case for you, please feel free to sign up in smaller time increments (e.g., an hour or even a half-hour at the time).

If that’s not possible either, please contact Marcie to arrange to volunteer in other ways at other times.

In Jan. 2010, we will be transitioning to an online calender for work-time sign-ups.

What if I don’t volunteer at the co-op?

If you simply cannot volunteer in any capacity at any time, you can still shop at the co-op — we’ll just need to add 10% to your co-op bill when you shop.

Why do I have to shop at the co-op at least once a month?

Many of our suppliers require that we consistently place a (large) minimum order. So if co-op members participate only sporadically, we don’t have the buying power required to secure access to healthy food at good prices.

What if I don’t shop once a month?

If you go four weeks or more without shopping at the co-op, your membership will be terminated. You can rejoin by paying the $15 membership fee again.

What if I want to buy just milk?

If you want to purchase dairy only (no produce, meats, dry goods, etc.), you are not required to volunteer at the co-op. You must pay the membership fee, you must buy dairy at least once a month, and you must pick up your milk order during the specified delivery times.

Can I buy for non-members?

Please do not purchase supplies for others who are not co-op members!

Our wonderful discounts are made possible only by our members’ long-term commitment and consistent contributions — and it’s not fair (and not possible) for our small core of working members to provide co-op benefits to the public at large.

Please do not unfairly burden our loyal members. If you have friends who would like access to co-op resources and benefits, please encourage them to join us.

What if I don’t pick up the stuff I ordered?

Because the co-op does not have room to store everyone’s orders, you must pick up your items on the designated delivery day (Thursdays for produce; as announced for other items). If you can’t personally pick up your items, please arrange for someone to handle the pick-up for you. (You may be able to find some assistance by using our <discussion forum> to check in with other co-op members.) <add link>

You are responsible to pay for items you order even if you later change your mind and even if you never pick up the items.

Any items that are ordered and not picked up on the scheduled delivery day will be charged a storage fee of 10% per day for up to two days.

If you do not pick up your ordered items within two days, your items will be donated. You are still responsible for the cost of the items plus the 20% storage fee.